Pulse Algo Pro Oscillators

Pulse Pro Oscillators visualize underlying strength and divergence to help you identify underlying pressure in real-time. Pulse Pro Oscillators are fully adaptable to market conditions. Custom settings can be optimized directly through the Pulse Algo Pro Oscillator Panel to fit your specific trading style! Now fully featured with Simpli Auto Mode for all Oscillator Modes!
  • Select between three Oscillator Modes (Classic, Wave, Smart Surge)
  • Visualize and estimate the sentiment of trends
  • Detect live real-time both 1st and 2nd-level Divergence & Hidden Divergence (Classic Only)
  • Visualization of the underlying market cycle
  • Real-time Divergence Detection alerts
Select the Gear Icon
Oscillator Panel
Select Between 'Classic', 'Smart Surge', or 'Wave' Oscillator Modes
These settings can be changed and tweaked at any time through the settings of Pulse Algo Pro Oscillator!