Pulse Panel Grouping Alerts

Pulse Panel Grouping Alerts are user-defined grouping alerts specifically catered to users using a free TradingView account. Use the Pulse Panel Grouping Alerts when you want to group many functions (ex. Long Entry Alert + Short Entry Alert) into one single Tradingview Alert in the 'Alerts' section. Selections made in the Pulse Panel will be stored in the alerts section under '5. Setup Alerts
This feature can be Enabled/Disabled at any time through the settings of Pulse Algo Pro and the alert management section of Tradingview!
Select the Gear Icon
Select your conditions
Select Alert
Select Pulse Algo Pro
If you want only one alert. Select 1-4
Select '5. Setup Alert' if you would like an alert from the selections you made previously in the Pulse Pro Panel
Select 'once per bar close' and set up how you would like to recieve your alert and the corresponding message!