Sensitivity & Precision

Sensitivity & Precision are user-definable and change how quickly the algorithm will pick up a trade and fire a buy or sell signal. The recommended range for Sensitivity is between 5-80 and the recommended range for Precision is between 25-100. These are general ranges and you may find your settings land outside of these parameters based upon your trading style! Feel free to adjust as deemed necessary!
When optimizing custom settings it is recommended to adjust Precision prior to Sensitivity adjustment!
Note: Low inputs to both Sensitivity & Precision provide the earliest and most agile confirmation signal mode but may increase fakeout conditions. To avoid fakeout conditions when using a more agile confirmation signal mode it is recommended to identify additional points of confluence to confirm Buy & Sell Signals.
These settings can be changed and tweaked at any time through the settings of Pulse Algo Pro!
Select the Gear Icon
Hovering over the 'i' within the settings pane of Pulse Algo Pro will provide a quick reference for recommended ranges!
If custom settings aren't for you Simpli Auto Mode may be opted for as our system is dynamically optimized for many market conditions!